Western Institute of Technology—

“The Home of the Learned committed to WISDOM, INTEGRITY and TRUTH, and the legacy of providing equal opportunities for the underprivileged”


It is the School’s mission to:

• Nurture human beings towards holistic development responsive to local and global needs
• Provide competent manpower for education, commerce, technology and other fields of industry
• Providea center of excellence in Engineering, Business, Science, the Arts, the Maritime Industry, and Information Technology
• Provide a high-qualitySenior High School education


On the education delivered to its students:

1. Provide equal opportunities for the underprivileged to acquire quality education
2. Attain academic excellence through academic accreditation, recognition as a COE/COD, and international recognition
3. Diversify existing Course and Program offerings to be relevant and responsive to current needs
4. Ensure graduates are qualified to take the Licensure Exams
5. Harness and develop the students’ potentials for professional and occupational leadership through appropriate values, skills, and experience
6. Establish institutional membership in national and international organizations and strong linkages with the Alumni, industry, other academic institutions, and professional, governmental, non-governmental, and civic organizations to enrich the experience of the WIT community and ensure the employability of graduates
7. Provide quality Senior High School education designed to prepare students for employment or tertiary education, fostering their interest in engineering, technology, business, arts, sciences, and sports
8. Provide highly skilled professionals with graduate education in engineering and business management

On its employees:
1. Achieve a high level of employee engagement by fulfilling the requirements of Human Resource Management Standards

On its alumni:
1. Rekindle the enthusiasm, and strengthen the involvement and commitment of the Alumni in any School activity or project especially in the design and review of Programs for them to inject new ideas and fresh perspectives needed for the training of the students

On the WIT Community as a whole:
1. Promote and enhance the WITtian Culture by inculcating and nurturing the WITtian Identity among the members of the WIT Community

On community involvement:
1. Intensify the involvement of students, faculty, staff and Alumni in community extension projects, especially in depressed barangays of the city and neighboring provinces
2. Provide constituents with the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of the environment for sustainable development

On research:
1. Establish a culture of research and publication among faculty and students, and promote and encourage scientific and technological research

On its facilities:
1. Provide administrative and financial support for the maintenance and upgrading to the latest standards of the physical plant, facilities, and equipment

On its administration and management system:
1. Maintain and enhance a quality management system in conformance with ISO and STCW standards
2. Build and maintain the School’s image, utilizing all marketing inputs and strategies, to reach the maximum enrollment capacity