Outreach Activity Reward


Outreach Activity Reward


by Joseph John Rommel S. Diamanse


ILOILO CITY – The Liberal Arts Department outreach activity day, with the lead of Catholic Youth Organization, was finally conducted on January 21, 2017 at Barangay Baldoza, La Paz, Iloilo City. Everyone was excited and full of expectations about the experience they are going to gain. All preparations were set: from lesson plans, modules, test papers, and candies that every kid would be surely rewarded with.


The outreachers arrived past 11am at the covered gym in Barangay Baldoza, La Paz. Their advisers, teachers, schoolmates, and volunteers who were willing to help their Alma Matter were already there. The gifts from our generous donors ensured that no family would leave empty-handed after the activity.


The clock ticked past 1 in the afternoon, and the program finally kicked off. The student volunteers taught the kids aged 6-8 years old basic reading and writing. Some kids at first were shy to open up and listen but thankfully, because of the effort of the whole team, their inhibition waned. After the tiring but enjoyable activity, time was not their friend then.


They left with lots of things to treasure. The memories, the fun, and the things that they gave, the prizes, but most of all, the time they spent with them was the greatest pay check they have ever received. One of the parents said, “I hope you will come back for another wonderful endeavor.”


Every activity with a good purpose often leaves a memory, but the endeavor they did there is a responsibility, and the time and attention for them continue.




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