For those who have already received their RFs kindly settle your accounts to be officially enrolled and included in your section group chat.

Orientations will already be held this week, but only for Officially Enrollled Students (those who already paid their back accounts and downpayment for this Semester).

Adding of subjects will be extended and No Adding Fee will be charged for those with grades of INC who took the completion exams.

Please settle your accounts to start receiving instructions on your Classes.


For more info, kindly follow the official Enrollment Pages/FB accounts of your respective Program for further updates and queries.

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B.S. Marine Engineering –

B.S. Mechanical Engineering –

B.S. Information Technology –

B.S. Accountancy –

B.S. Business Administration –

B.S. Hospitality Management (HRM) –

B.S. Biology (Microbiology) –

A.B. English Language & A.B. Political Science –

WIT Senior High School –

Graduate School –

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