REGISTRATION is now ON-GOING for Old Students (College and Graduate School)


ENROLMENT PROCEDURE For Old Students (College and Graduate School)

STEP 1. REGISTRATION Accomplish Online Reservation Form:  click here

STEP 2. SUBMISSION OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS The Program representative will contact the student and facilitate the assignment of subjects, and such other pertinent requirements (such as completion exams, etc.) The student may be requested to visit onsite for finalization of class schedules on the appointment date to be given by the Program representative.

STEP 3. PAYMENT After the assignment of courses/programs in step 2, you will be instructed to settle your payments. Payment of back accounts and P2,000 downpayment for the semester is required for official enrolment! You may select from the following methods of payment: *Security Bank Acct. #: 0591014002 003 Account name: Western Institute of Technology, Inc. *Additional payment methods to be posted next week. *School Cashier (For Bank Payments or other methods outside School) After paying, send picture of receipt to your Program representative (make sure the name of student is clear). (For School Cashier Payment) Send a message to your Program representative for the student to be given an appointment date. To avail of the 10% discount for full payment of tuition and other fees, indicate to the Program representative your intention to pay in full and you will be given an appointment date for when to go to the School Cashier.

STEP 4. CONFIRMATION After finishing Steps 1-3, wait for the confirmation message of Official Enrolment.

STEP 5. SCHEDULE OF CLASSES AND ONLINE ORIENTATION Schedule of classes and instructions for first day of class (online orientation to flexible learning) will be sent to all officially enrolled students through e-mail or messenger. CLASSES WILL START AUGUST